Q. What STC’s are available?
A. We own 47 STC’s that cover 63 aircraft models and associated engines. The complete list of aircraft and engines covered is on the RAJAY STC's page.
(An STC is required for each engine and one for the airframe.)

Q. Do you have complete kits available for installation?
A. No, however, we can build up a kit in 3 to 5 weeks. There are some variables in certain parts…especially the exhaust systems. It is important to have that system available during the fabrication process.

Q. What about installation?
A. Currently we do not perform the installations. A good A&P can do most installations in 60 – 80 hours (per engine)

Q. Is there a kit for Mooney M20A through F?
A. No. We no longer own that STC, however, we can supply some common parts for already installed systems.

Q. Do you own the Mooney M20J/201 STC
A. Yes, we own this STC.

Q. What about the Cessna 180/182?
A. Same as Mooney

Q. I already own a RAJAY® STC’d aircraft; however, the FAA wants to see copies of the STC’s in the log books and they’re missing. Do you sell replacement copies assigned to my aircraft/engines?
A. Yes, we supply correctly assigned STC copies for $750.00 each.

Q. What parts do you stock?
A. We stock almost all of the common parts and many of the lesser used parts or assemblies. Those not stocked can be manufactured in less than 2 weeks.